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INUTEQ® is world’s leading company in developing & manufacturing innovative personal cooling technologies and products. Creating the best possible solutions to keep people comfortable cool and to avoid heat stress symptoms, is at the core of INUTEQ®’s DNA. Whether it be at work, during sports or your daily routines, you can trust to have INUTEQ® at your side to keep you comfortable cool!

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What is personal cooling

Active and passive cooling apparel & accessories, which keep the body comfortable cool and avoid heat stress symptoms. INUTEQ® offers different unique cooling technologies & products, all developed and designed to get an optimal cooling effect within the different activities and circumstances.

Scientific studies confirm that working in high temperaturen can significantly impact on productivity – the best performing ‘comfort zone’ lays between 22°C and 25°C. When the temperature goes above that, productivity decrease. By 28°C there is already a 5% decrease, and the higher the environmental temperature, the lower the output.

The advantage of wearing personal cooling apparel:

  • Avoid heat stress symptoms
  • Better thermal comfort
  • Reduce sweating & transpiration
  • Decrease core and skin temperature
  • Better concentration
  • Increase performance
  • Quicker recovery


INUTEQ® DRY® cooling solution only requires a limited quantity of water to be filled into the products to provide maximum cooling for up to three days while keeping you dry.

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INUTEQ® H20® evaporative cooling technology offers the highest standard in evaporation cooling at low cost. INUTEQ® H20® products are activated by soaking them in water.

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INUTEQ® PAC® is a bio-based phase change technology which has a high latent heat, making it ideal for use in various thermal management applications.

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INUTEQ® PVA® evaporative cooling technology is a highly absorbent Polyvinyl Alcohol Fabric. INUTEQ® PVA® products are activated by soaking them in water for one minute.

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